Email Marketing Supremacy

Why Email Marketing is King

The Challenges Of Email Marketing

The Basics Of Building a Mailing List

Marketing Basic for Growing Your List

Using Incentives

How to Deliver value through your emails

Subject Headings and Fighting the Spam Filter

Keeping Your Mailing List Clean

Additional Strategies for growing Your List

How To Sell Through Your Mailing List

Now you know everything you need to know about email marketing, you should be a one-man (or woman) list-building machine! But even a list building machine can benefit from using some additional tools and resources to enhance their effectiveness and productivity.

Here then, you’ll find a wide selection of different tools you can use to grow your list faster and further and to enhance your marketing skills. Some of these we mentioned in the videos, others you’ll be encountering here for the first time.





All these three autoresponders are very similar and provide similar features and benefits.



SumoMe offers a range of different services but the one we’re interested in here is the
pop-over. Use this to create your pop-overs with your optin forms and make sure they
don’t keep showing.

This is a great tool for creating landing pages and squeeze pages. It’s a simple theme
that you can use alongside WordPress.